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Discover currently available or soon available developers and dedicated teams. Beat deadlines, augment internal teams, add competencies via dedicated developer and developer team near-shoring services.   Our international exposure, in-depth understanding of complex domains including finance, healthcare, or aviation, coupled with a quality-first approach, make Agmis a prime partner for your software projects.

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Computer vision, Data science, Machine learning, ML engineering

CSS3, HTML5, javascript, PHP, SQL, TypeScript

APEX, Aura, C#, css, html, JAVA; Basic knowledge of C, javascript, LWC, Pardot, PHP, Python, Salesforce Development SFDX, TypeScript

C#, css, html, java, kotlin, SQL, T-SQL, XML

ExpressJS), Flask, javascript, Matplotlib, Numpy, OpenCV, Pandas, Python (Keras, PyTorch, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, VueJs)

Django, Flask, JavaScript (React, Matplotlib, Numba, Numpy, OpenCV, Pandas, PHP, Python (Keras, PyTorch, Scikit-learn, Scrapy), TensorFlow, VueJs)

C#, MATLAB, Pascal, Python

AWS S3, CSS3, Docker, Facebook marketing API, Google Analytics Data API, HTML5, javascript, Jenkins, Laravel, Lumen micro framework, Mysql, PHP, Rivile, SQL

Bootstrap, Codeigniter, css, javascript, jQuery, Laravel, Mysql, PHP, Symfony, Vue JS, Zend

.NET, C#, Dart, java, javascript, kotlin

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