Senior JAVA developer

Skills: C#, css, html, java, kotlin, SQL, T-SQL, XML

Level: Tier 1



Available: Now

  • More than 8 years of professional experience in Software Development, experience in the full life cycle of designing, developing, installing, configuring and maintaining applications.
  • Vertical experience: banking systems, portals, self-service systems.
  • Experience in designing and developing Android applications.
  • Excellent skills in Web technologies: Java.
  • Extensive experience with Java, Web Application Development, Object-Oriented Programming and Design, Relational and Object Databases.
  • Programming languages: Java, Kotlin, SQL, T-SQL, HTML, CSS, XML, C, C++, C#
  • Mobile application development: Android, HTML5
  • Databases: SQLite, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL
  • Web services: REST, SOAP
  • Technologies & libraries & tools: Spring, Hibernate, SymmetricDS, Junit, Swagger, Docker, Kubernetes, Apache Kafka, Liquibase, Elasticsearch, Solr, RabbitMQ, Keycloak, MapStruct
  • Operating Systems: Linux (Ubuntu) and Windows (desktop and server versions)
  • Team project management: SVN, Git, Gitlab, TFS, Jira, Redmine
  • Tools and methodologies – IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, Android Studio, Visual Studio, DataGrip, Jenkins, SonarQube, Artifactory, Nexus, Appium, Selenium, Joomla!, WordPress, Crashlytics, Google Cloud Platform‎, SoapUI, Postman, Kibana
  • Application Servers – Tomcat, Jetty, NGINX, Apache HTTP Server
  • Software Design Methods – UML, BPMN (Business Process Model Notation)
  LANGUAGES: English: fluent Lithuanian: fluent (native)   PROJECTS: A--(Android). The system provides a way to view a consultant profile and choose a consultant to speak to before calling the contact center. This is Lithuanian enterprises contacts database, enabling a more convenient and easier way to find the nearest business offices, products, services, and brands with one click. The main task included the integration of Google Play Services for device location and navigation.  B--(Android). Android application for collecting data on truck tire pressure and tread depth. My main task was to create an application for tyre pressure measurements using Bluetooth devices. C-- (Android). Integrated Sygic navigation software into Android application and implemented routes and other files upload/download using FTPS protocol. D--  market research survey system for Tablets (Android). An innovative application and SaaS service for Android-based devices. With the SaaS (software-as-service) model, marketing research companies can start using the service in as little as 5 minutes. Data is processed as soon as the survey is completed. Due to the automated data entry, the error probability is significantly reduced, for additional Tablet features such as positioning and response time restriction increasing the data reliability. My main task was to create functionality to support offline mode (using SQLite database), recording the device's geographical coordinates. E -- (Android). It was designed to help the employees to take pictures of the vehicles being registered and later send them to the server in order to help the company provide vehicles registration services in Lithuania. My main task was to create an application to take pictures with the Samsung Galaxy Zoom phone and provide the functionality to compress and upload pictures to the server. F-- (Android). Android application designed to help the users to quit smoking. This application allows users to register prescribed medications and take drugs regularly by receiving reminders. My main task was to create custom Android application update mechanisms and implement data synchronization between the application and SalesForce backend.  G-- Lithuania e-government gateway (Android). Application ePaslaugos.lt is dedicated to Lithuanian residents, individuals, and institutions. Users can order all public and administrative services provided by the electronic government portal gateway. My main task was to create an application to display web portal content and allow users to sign in by using Google authentication. Custom JavaScript functions implemented for better web portal and application integration.  H--(Java). Application, which creates a route from third-party data, using Open Source Routing Machine (OSRM) engine, then approximate (shifts the points in created route to overlap them with OSM road data), fixes and prepares resulting route to be usable on Open Street Maps (OSM) in GPX format. Used as a source for routes for Android navigation applications. I-- route planner Java web application. Based on the open-source Graphopper project. Heavy use of Javascript, HTML. The app allows users to use a map to plan a trip and send the route to their device for later use. J-- (Android). Large location-based database of restaurants, their descriptions, and menus. The app enables users to order food (choose options) and pay for it with several different payment types, participate in the bonus system. K-- Mobile CRM applications for real estate agents and car dealers (Android). An application that lets users efficiently complete tasks, make calls, and schedule meetings with clients. Allows an agent to view his/her contacts and perform tasks with them, as well as recognizes the client that calls to the agent. L--  app and SDK (Android). -- is a navigation app that is intended to be used together with NaviJazz Jetty portal allowing dispatchers to easily and quickly plan their preferred route and deliver it directly to the driver's device. NaviJazz SDK is an Android library that can be embedded into your application to allow navigation features.  M -- (Android). This project is a part of the Third Phase of the Tanzania Social Action Fund that is responsive for country households registration in the Unified Registry of Beneficiaries. Android app allows the data collectors to fill out a questionnaire about household persons in offline mode. Completed questionnaires can be uploaded to the server when the network connection is available. To reduce the possibility of errors, advanced form validation was implemented with the database of all country districts and villages information. N-- (Java). -- is a document management system of State Social Insurance Fund. In this project, an archive module was created that allows the transfer of electronic documents to the Lithuanian State Archive. My main task was to create required web services for archive tasks management and integration with external systems.  O-Telecommunications company microservices (Java). The main goal of this project was to migrate existing customers' billing systems to microservices. The decomposition of an existing monolithic system into smaller services makes the application easier to understand and allows the development of respective services independently. All deployed microservices run in Docker containers managed by a Kubernetes cluster. Communication between microservices was implemented by using Apache Kafka messaging. Gitlab-CI was used for continuous delivery and deployment. P - Paperless Forms for Ambulance Paramedics (Java, Android). Android App DMR is designed to handle data collection. Ambulance personnel after providing assistance to the patient, have to fill the form in which they describe the type of aid provided, prescribed medication, patient condition, and other relevant information. DMR application speeds up the process and all collected data immediately is sent to the server. From the data collected in the application, the server-side module creates a PDF document following the template approved by the Lithuanian government.    “–”: Items under NDA