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The implementation of the project “Promotion of international networking & involvement in R&D partnership networks”

UAB Agmis is implementing the “Promotion international networking, involvement in R&D partnership networks” from the 22nd of September 2023 to the 30th of September 2025, co-financed by the European Union. 


The project is being implemented and co-financed under the progress measure No. 05-001-01-05-07 “Establishing a coherent system for the promotion of innovative activities” under the activity “Promote SME participation in international R&D&I initiatives” under the impact “Promote SME international networking, involvement in R&D&I partnership networks” (Capital Region) and under the impact “Promote SME international networking, involvement in R&D&I partnership networks” (Central and Western Lithuania Region).


Agmis is a technology company that develops smart software solutions for clients worldwide. Agmis is the first certified Salesforce partner in the Baltic States. The company’s areas of activity include telecommunication systems integration, specialized software development, web portals and websites, Java, J2EE, Objective C, mobile applications for Android and iPhone (iOS) systems, online self-service and e-commerce systems, mobile and HTML5 portals, Salesforce services, video analytics (Computer Vision) solutions.


The project aims to promote international networking among SMEs and involvement in R&D&I partnership networks. 


The project will help strengthen businesses’ position in international value chains, encourage international networking of SMEs, and promote involvement in RDI (Research, Experimental Development and Innovation) partnership networks.


Project budget: EUR 23.524,07.


Amount financed: EUR 19.995,46. 


Implementing Agency: ‘Innovation Agency’.


Co-financed by the European Union. 


More information: www.esinvesticijos.lt

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