Mid Python Developer

Skills: Django, Flask, JavaScript (React, Matplotlib, Numba, Numpy, OpenCV, Pandas, PHP, Python (Keras, PyTorch, Scikit-learn, Scrapy), TensorFlow, VueJs)

Level: Tier 2



Available: Now

  • Python programming. 4+ years of experience
  • Main fields: Data science, Machine learning, Computer vision, Software engineering, ML engineering
    • Programming languages: Python (Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Scikit-learn, OpenCV, Numpy, Numba, Pandas, Matplotlib, Django, Flask, Scrapy), JavaScript (React, VueJs), PHP
    • Databases: SQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch
    • Web services: REST, RPC
    • Team project management: Bitbucket, GitLab, Jira, Trello
    • Operating Systems: Linux OS, Windows OS, Raspbian
    • Software Design Methods: Agile
    • Version Control Tools: GIT
    • IOT: Raspberry Pi, on edge computers
    • AWS services: Cloudwatch, Cognito, Kinesis, Kinesis Video streams, EC2, ECR, IAM, Fargate, Lambda, Rekognition, S3, Sagemaker, SQS, SNS
  • BSc Software engineering, Kaunas University of Technology
  LANGUAGES: Lithuanian: fluent (native) English: C1 (advanced)   PROJECTS (Agmis)  
Project: Retail Crime Predictor 2019 11 - Present
Technologies used Python (OpenCV, Numpy, Pillow, PyTorch, Tensorflow, Scikit-learn), YoloV4, Docker, AWS services (Lambda, SNS, SQS, ECR, S3, EC2, SageMaker), Convolutional Neural Networks, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch
Role Team Lead, ML Engineer
Project Description The main objective - detect if a person is trying to buy an item with permuted barcode.
Responsibilities and achievements Solution architecture. Create data processing pipelines to process real-time scan events from the cashier with on edge devices as well as cloud infrastructure (AWS) for data storing, monitoring. Analyze data from stores, provide insights and apply these insights to create ML models. Develop custom classification model training pipelines and automation with SageMaker. Solution pilots are successfully running in multiple stores with plans to expand.
Project: Count people traveling by train 2021-03 - 2021-03
Technologies used Python (OpenCV, Pandas, Numpy, Tensorflow, Matplotlib), AWS services (SageMaker, S3), Recurrent Neural Networks, YoloV4, Trackers
Role ML Engineer
Project Description The main objective - analyze how many people are traveling by train without a ticket
Responsibilities and achievements Analyze the project and present possible solutions. Develop software to process video data from each of the train wagons and count people entering/leaving using object detection and optical flow trackers.
Project: Power Lines 2020 07 - 2020 08
Technologies used Python (OpenCV, Pandas, Numpy, Numba, PyTorch, Matplotlib, Open3D), 3D classification
Role ML Engineer, Data Analysis
Research Direction Analyze LiDAR data and applicable solutions for further steps
Responsibilities and achievements Analyze 3D data, prepare, visualize 3D data, and process results. Develop processing scripts to filter, crop, and classify point cloud to provide initial results.
Project: Retail Shelf monitoring 2020 04 - 2020 06
Technologies used Python (MXNet, OpenCV, PyTorch, Tensorflow, Numpy), Convolutional Neural Networks, AWS services (S3)
Role ML engineer
Project Description The main objective - detect if there are no items on shelves.
Responsibilities and achievements Analyze data and create ML models, logic development. Create ML models to classify each product in a shelf as well as empty spaces. Develop processing pipelines to classify data in real-time. Develop main logic to assign each item to a position according to the original planogram.
Project: Picklist assistant 2020 03 - 2020 03
Technologies used Python (OpenCV, PyTorch, Numpy, MXNet), Convolutional Neural Networks, AWS services (S3, SageMaker)
Role Data analytic, ML engineer
Project Description The main objective - automate the selection of unwrapped products at the self-checkout counter
Responsibilities and achievements Analyze data and create ML models to classify unwrapped products that are being weighted. Develop a real-time processing pipeline. Demonstrate solution to the client.
Project: Welding monitoring 2019 08 - 2019 10
Technologies used Python (Pandas, Matplotlib, Numpy), AWS services (SageMaker, Fargate, Lambda, Kinesis Video Streams, EC2, CloudFormation)
Role Computer Vision Engineer
Project Description The main objective - track how much time there is a welding action done in a video stream.
Responsibilities and achievements Create a pipeline using AWS services to monitor welding, analyze and visualize data after the analysis period is completed.
Project: Picklist assistant 2018 05 - 2019 05
Technologies used PHP (Lumen, Laravel), VueJS, MySQL, GIT, Docker
Role Software engineer
Project Description IoT devices management platform
Responsibilities and achievements Write well documented and tested code. Developed new features, maintained existing code by fixing bugs and monitoring errors.