Self-service portal for global logistics

Self-service portal for global logistics Agmis

About First Logistics

First Logistics provides global logistics solutions for leading manufacturers and traders in the Nordic region. The company provides cargo transportation by air, sea, road, and rail, helping its customers to reach the most remote corners of the world. The company also provides oversized cargo delivery services. 

The company takes pride in providing the best price-quality ratio, prompt communication with customers, smooth documentation, and logistics handling processes.


Our experience

To deliver upon First Logistics’ vision of smooth service delivery, Agmis was tasked to create a customer self-service portal for customer logistics projects.

By using the self-service portal, First Logistics customers are able to:

  • Get preliminary price quotes for cargo delivery. The preliminary quotes not only include the final route price proposal (A to Z) but also indicate prices for intermediary transportation steps (A to B, B to C), ensuring transparency in the quotation process and helping the customers to pick the best transportation option. On the platform, the service agent can adjust the preliminary quote and finalize the proposal with the customer.
  • Communicate with a service agent directly. As soon as a request for a quote is submitted, the case is assigned to a First Logistics service agent. He can communicate with the customer directly via an in-built chat feature, ensuring that all relevant project information is stored in a single place. This feature is also utilized by other First Logistics employees who take part in the logistics handling process. 
  • Access all shipping documentation. All associated documentation, including invoices, is also stored and easily accessible via the self-service portal.
  • Get relevant notifications. Relevant notifications to the customer are sent via SMS and email.
  • Track cargo location (upcoming). The customer will be able to pinpoint the cargo location using the single self-service platform.

Global cargo delivery is a complex project, involving multiple partners for transportation, loading and unloading, customs and many more. The aim of the project was to provide customers with an easier way to undertake transportation projects, – using a single-platform, avoiding ad-hoc phone calls or lengthy email exchanges.


The self-service portal also features a two-way integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud. Therefore as soon as a request for quotation is submitted, the task is assigned to a service agent and an opportunity is created in the platform. This helps the company to never lose track of incoming requests and monitor in real-time what is the stage of any ongoing logistics projects.


The integration with Salesforce also ensures that all company and client communication is stored in association with a particular logistics project. This also relates to all project documentation and invoices.


The self-service portal also features API integrations with third-party logistics partners to provide instant price quotations. For document handling, an integration with Google Drive was also delivered.


The project is gradually rolled out over Q3 and Q4 of 2022.

“With the launch of the self-service platform, we wanted to simplify the way our customers handle complex logistics. Over the platform rollout, we requested customer feedback on what features we should include, what we should change or improve – basically, what would make your lives easier. Having a responsive development partner, who can make fast iterations and bring domain expertise was a real asset in this project and one of the key reasons why we have chosen the build vs buy route”


Marius Šimkūnas, CTO at First Logistics

“For this project, we were bringing extensive Salesforce and transportation technology domain expertise. Firstly, we are a certified Salesforce partner, having delivered multiple B2 B-oriented projects. Furthermore, we have previously delivered at least 5 high-scale technology projects in the transportation and logistics vertical. Thus we were able to provide very precise cost and time estimates for project delivery, as well as foresee the potential challenges along the way”

Tautvydas Buzas, Head of Professional Services at Agmis

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