Shoplifters Target Self-Checkout Registers Amid Soaring Inflation

Shoplifters Target Self-Checkout Registers Amid Soaring Inflation

With skyrocketing daily product prices, retailers all over the world are recording an increase in shoplifting incidents. Over the second half of 2022, retailers in the UK reported an increase of 18% in thefts, while according to the US National Retail Federation, the amount of organized shoplifting increased by 26.5%. In nine out-of-ten incidents, shoplifters were targeting self-checkout registers.


In addition to alcoholic beverages and other premium goods, shoplifters went after butter, milk, cheese, and other daily products.


“This is clearly a new trend and a direct result of consumer goods price increases” – says the CEO of retail technology startup ScanWatch Saulius Kaukenas. 


According to Mr. Kaukenas, 2022 saw a major shift in shoplifting behavior.


“The industry is used to a 2% shrinkage rate due to organized theft. Sadly, this rate is a given. Yet in 2022 retailers saw an increase in “accidental“ first-time shoplifters – common shoppers, who have no criminal background or major criminal intentions”.


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