Salesforce for Non-Profit: Doing More Good

The challenge: Lithuanian branch of the Red Cross organization is funded by donations and fundraising campaigns. Due to issues of integration with banking platforms the organization received only approx. 60% of recurring donations. There was no holistic overview to check where something went wrong and why the donation was not received. Organization was also lacking a proper CRM for relationship management.


The solution: Salesforce provides a dedicated solution to NGOs. The solution empowers nonprofits to work with the world’s best CRM, improves relationship management, provides efficient fundraising and donation management. In addition, Agmis adapted the fundraising module to operate in SEPA payment-integration initiative environment and provided integrations with all major banking institutions in Lithuania.


The result: The organization was able to receive all the recurring donations and track full payment process. If something went wrong, organization could retrace the steps and identify the problem. It helped the organization to raise more funds and improve upon its main mission to help the elderly.


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