Paperless Survey Platform SurveyJazz

Agmis developed a paperless tablet-based survey platform SurveyJazz. It includes additional features such as geotagging, ability to take pictures, record voice and even let respondent to fill-in the survey himself (or use the same hardware at self-service kiosks if needed). Offline mode allows for surveys to be conducted in the environment where no internet is present (e.g. remote locations, ships, aircrafts, special buildings). When the interviewer connects to the internet , all data will be synchronized with the LimeSurvey running on production server. Survey results can be exported to the SPSS format.


The solution simplified data collection and result analysis. It also reduced the workload of survey conductors – conducting Pen-and-Paper surveys in the field is the thing of the past!



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Paperless Survey Platform SurveyJazz
Tautvydas Buzas, Head of Professional Services at Agmis

Tautvydas Buzas

Head of Professional Services
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