Computer Vision puts Customer-Service-Centric Retail strategies to the test.

Computer Vision puts Customer-Service-Centric Retail Strategies to the Test

Customer always comes first. But even the best customer service standards ‘on paper’ are challenging to implement on the shop floor. New Computer Vision (CV) monitoring solution by technology company Agmis enables retailers to measure the efficiency of shop assistant performance and provides objective quantifiable metrics to further improve the experience of customers.

“Customer Service centric policies are the most difficult to put into practice, as they narrow down to subjective human factors. Even if service standards specify that a shop assistant must attend to the customer in a certain amount of time or proactively initiate customer contact when a client is browsing in a certain store department, retailers lack proper tools to supervise if these standards are adhered to” – notes Head of Products at Agmis Simas Jokubauskas.

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