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Agmis launches accelerator programme for early-stage European startups

Leading technology company Agmis has launched an accelerator programme for early-stage European startups. The programme aims to convert promising ideas into minimum viable products in three months. Startups can apply for up to 200.000 Eur investment delivered on a code for equity basis or as a financial investment.


“For founders the first step is the hardest to take. Our crash course programme aims to assist founders and nuclear founding teams in translating their ideas into a working product prototype, providing product development, business analysis, market fit studies and legal assistance along the way. With a working prototype, the founders can quickly validate whether ‘the idea has legs’ in the real world and move onto next funding stages”, – says CEO of Agmis Saulius Kaukenas.

CEO, co-founder, member of the board

CEO of Agmis Saulius Kaukenas


For the programme Agmis aims to attract founders with disruptive ideas in health, sustainability, enterprise software, food, AI, robotics, retail, education, transportation, security, real estate, travel, recruitment, legal, telecommunications, IoT, fintech, deep tech, sports, marketing and construction sectors.


“Since 2007 Agmis delivered software for the outlined business verticals. We have a multi-faceted team and years of diverse experience, which allows us to ‘walk a mile’ in the founder’s shoes, internalize business concepts and identify what could constitute a great MVP for market validation”, – notes Saulius Kaukenas.


EasyflowFor the startup accelerator programme Agmis is also building upon its own product development experience. Four years ago the software development company launched its product arm – EasyFlow – to develop Computer Vision products for retail, industrial and aerial diagnostics applications. 


EasyFlow already has multiple products under its belt which have graduated from the startup incubator.


ScanWatchScanWatch is a retail software suite to reduce losses and improve shopper experience at self-checkout counters. The product automatically recognizes unpacked products (such as fruit or vegetables) without the need for the shopper to manually select the product from the self-checkout picklist menu. Shelf Analytics tool by EasyFlow helps grocery retailers to track product stock levels on supermarket shelves, optimizing shelf restocking and enabling even more granular retail performance analysis. PPE detection platform works as a virtual workplace safety inspector, monitoring whether employees are wearing the required personal protection equipment on construction and industrial sites. 


Agmis recently announced a joint venture with Thrust and Keliu prieziura to utilize UAVs and AI for automated road infrastructure inspection. The project aims to reduce CO2 emission footprint for manned road inspections by 90%. It also improves road inspection efficiency.



“Contrary to other funding options, we take a product-centric approach. The aim of this programme is to develop a functional product prototype ready for market validation in a three month timeframe. We help accelerate initial product development, while leaving the founders ‘in the driver’s seat’ to choose the future course of the project”, – adds Saulius Kaukenas.