Agmis introduces new Bluelark brand for Salesforce services

Technology company Agmis launches Bluelark – a new dedicated agency to provide Salesforce solutions for clients in the Baltic and Nordic regions. Bluelark will offer a full set of Salesforce services – from Salesforce implementation and administration, to business process auditing and analysis.


“Salesforce is like an operating system for businesses. By utilizing Salesforce, different company departments can effortlessly share information, and even companies with thousands of employees can interact with customers in a single voice“, – noted CEO of Agmis Saulius Kaukenas.

Salesforce solutions help companies to improve customer services, increase productivity, assist in sales processes, automate marketing and – most notably – utilize company data for efficient business decisions.

More than 150.000 companies worldwide use Salesforce to interact with their customers. Global business leaders including Toyota, Amazon, Unilever or Adidas are listed among most notable Salesforce customers. Since 2017 Salesforce market share increases at a steady 30% year-on-year growth rate, with fastest growth in Western Europe and Nordic countries.

In 2014 Agmis became the first certified Salesforce partner in the Baltic states. Agmis is the only certified Salesforce partner in the Lithuanian market.

Global Track Record

“With a steady growth of Salesforce user base in the region, we decided to launch a new company solely dedicated to Salesforce solutions. The move was signified by the growth of Salesforce consulting services. Responding to the customer demand, our development team team grew with the addition of business analysts and business development professionals who help to harness technologies for better management of business processes”, – noted S. Kaukenas.

CEO, co-founder, member of the board

Saulius Kaukenas, CEO of Agmis

Bluelark core team includes 30 highly skilled Salesforce specialists.

In the last year several dozens of Lithuanian medium and large enterprises started using Salesforce. Among the latest deployments – the largest parcel delivery services provider in the region. Salesforce was instrumental in helping the company to meet the increased demand for delivery services during the lockdown.

For one of the fastest growing financial services companies, Salesforce helps to ensure smooth customer onboarding processes.

“In the 7 years of our partnership with Salesforce, a lot of our projects were undertaken in overseas markets – Nordics, the US, even the Republic of South Africa. This helped our team to gain international expertise, which we are bringing to the Lithuanian market“ – added Head of Bluelark sales Jurgis Bakanas.

Among the largest international company projects – an insurance self-service portal and policy sales automatization tools for one of the largest African financial services groups Old Mutual insurancea value-added-services sales portal for Bidvest Insurance – an insurance services provider in South Africa, as well as CRM deployment for the largest Namibian telecom operator Paratus Telecom.

With the growing demand for Salesforce development professionals, last year Agmis launched the first Salesforce specialist training programme in Lithuania Salesforce Cloud Academy.

“In the last decade Salesforce nearly quadrupled its market share. This resulted in large demand for Salesforce ecosystem specialists. By 2022 more than 3.3 million professionals will work in the Salesforce environment, with 300 thousand new workplaces created in Europe” – noted J. Bakanas.

Certified Partner Expertise

Bluelark services encompass strategic and technical CRM consulting.

“The journey to perfecting customer experience begins from a strategic workshop: what business goals the company aims to achieve with CRM deployment, what tools are best fit to manage business processes. Salesforce is a uniquely versatile tool, incorporating solutions from sales management to customer support systems. As certified Salesforce partners, we initially aim to cristalyze company needs, adapt the platform accordingly, ensure smooth platform deployment, data migration, employee training and even the ongoing platform administration” – adds S. Kaukenas.


Certified Salesforce partner

According to Mr Kaukenas, CRM implementation or migration are complex tasks, consisting of many components.

“For organizational change projects to succeed, in addition to technical and analytical skill set, a  close bond between the developer and client company is required. Understanding of the local market, quick reaction and even operations in the same time zone – all are benefits, which our customers rated highly in our previous Salesforce projects”, – said S. Kaukenas.

Customer Success Platform

Salesforce is a clear leader in the global CRM market, with a triple lead in market share versus the closest competitors.

The fast Salesforce growth resulted from platform versatility and holistic outlook towards client relationship management.

“Although Salesforce offers separate products for sales management or customer service, the largest value is produced when they interact with each other”, – said J. Bakanas.

Another huge Salesforce benefit – the ability to adapt the platform for particular customer needs. Salesforce modules can be compared to Lego building blocks, which each build customized to fit company business processes.

“For instance, to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, Salesforce introduced a dedicated Vaccine Cloud tool. The platform takes care of vaccination schedules, medical personnel resources, sends automated notifications and reminders for when a patient should arrive for the procedure, and integrates the data with national healthcare systems. This is just an example of how existing Salesforce tools can be adapted for a very specific operational framework. The Salesforce ecosystem includes a large choice of templates and best practices, which can be quickly adapted for a particular industry or business sector”, – noted J. Bakanas.