Educational course to learn to develop and manage salesforce.

Agmis Cloud Academy: Mission Completed!

We have just completed the first course of Agmis Cloud Academy!

Back in September Agmis launched Salesforce academy training course – the first dedicated academy for Salesforce skills training. The course covered theory and real world tasks of working in the Salesforce platform environment.

From 157 who registered, we selected 25 applicants to participate in the Agmis Cloud Academy. Some key outtakes:

  • 40% of Academy applicants were female!
  • Due to the lockdown all training was undertaken remotely.
  • The final task of the Academy concerned an invented company Solar Decisions. Yet the task was absolutely real – to set up the Salesforce platform for a renewables company, from data ingest and validation, to management of business processes.


Many thanks for the students, lecturers and everyone who made this exciting project happen!