Smart Tyre Inventory Tracking System

Application by Agmis helps garage workers to collect information of some 35,000 truck tires. Application allows to inventory tires and their location (axis) on the truck as well as measure tread wear and tire-pressure. Android application runs on rugged device and communicates with Bluetooth treadwear and tire-pressure reader to collect tire readings. Android application allows inventorying tire (axis, location, serial number, etc.) and syncing tire information from MS Axapta ERP.


The company is now able not only to keep track of tyre inventory and location, but also gather data on their overall wear, predict when new sets of tyres are required in a particular location.



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Smart Tyre Inventory Tracking System
Tautvydas Buzas, Head of Professional Services at Agmis

Tautvydas Buzas

Head of Professional Services
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