Smart Hospital Beds at Santariskes Clinical Hospital

With Agmis solution, hospital patients are able to see their treatment files from their hospital beds. Each patient there is provided with a tablet computer. Using tablet computers, they can even ‘leaf’ through their medical histories. They can also call-in the nurse with a few taps. Patients can even access the Internet free of charge and watch TV. In the future the application will allow constant monitoring of various devices, such as blood pressure monitors, which communicate with the patient’s tablet computer via Bluetooth. The nursing staff will have access to all of this data at their desks in real time.


Patients make better progress healing when they are well-informed about their treatment. The solution simplifies access to information for both the patients and the medical staff.


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Smart Hospital Beds at Santariskes Clinical Hospital
Tautvydas Buzas, Head of Professional Services at Agmis

Tautvydas Buzas

Head of Professional Services
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