Healthcare e-learning platform migration to Moodle

Healthcare e-learning platform migration to Moodle

About TSMA

Launched in 2011, the International Academy of Emergency Medicine implements innovative information systems in the fields of medicine and education.

“From inception to current requirements and future updates, the project showcases how Agmis can support product development over a long-term lifecycle”

Ieva Talackaite, Project Manager at Agmis

Agmis cooperation with TSMA spans nearly a decade. For TSMA Agmis developed an e-learning suite to support daily operations of the medical training center (student enrollment to the training online, performing identity verification on attendance, maintaining attendance schedule, sending notifications, training space allocation, taking exams, etc.)


The platform was developed using the Totara learning management system (LMS).


Recently Agmis has undertaken complete platform migration to Moodle LMS.

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