Automotive Seats AI Defects Detection

Automotive Seats AI Defects Detection A Case Study

In the car manufacturing industry, having top-quality automotive seats is really important. However, defect detection in the seats can be a challenge.

That’s where Seat Checker comes in. It’s a special software that uses machine learning to spot defects quickly and accurately.

This case study showcases how Seat Checker helped one of the largest automotive seat producers worldwide to improve its quality control.

Challenges Faced

Our client, a leading automotive seat producer, faced a major obstacle in identifying and resolving wrinkles in car seat materials during production.

The traditional manual inspection was slow, laborious, and prone to mistakes. This not only resulted in more defects but also hindered overall efficiency and profitability.

The Solution

Seat Checker, an advanced AI-powered quality inspection software, provided the ideal solution our client needed.

Through cutting-edge deep learning algorithms, Seat Checker achieved exceptional precision and speed in identifying wrinkles across diverse seat materials.

This self-learning system seamlessly adapted to different surface types, empowering our client to produce more than 40 seat models for top car brands while maintaining uncompromising quality standards.


The Results

  1. Dramatic Time Reduction – 27x
  2. Improved Cost Savings – 30x
  3. Enhanced Accuracy – 99%
  4. Seamless Integration

By automating quality inspection and empowering employees with advanced AI technology, Seat Checker propels its clients towards operational excellence and improved profitability.

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